Trading from international waters

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by yacht trader, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. I'm trading from my yacht via satellite, anyone else?
  2. lucky you..i am trading in my toilet via a wireless router right now..
  3. jjf


    how big is your yacht
  4. mtwokay


    What kind of yacht, motor or sail?

    At sea or in a slip?
  5. Surdo


    What kind of Satellite System do you have?
  6. How does that work?

    Seriously ;) I know a guy who once had satellite at home (living in the middle of nowhere in norway;) After 2 years he got DSL.

    Satellite was nice- good bandwidth, but a killer delay, thanks to the long distance the signal has to travel.

    1-2 seconds easily.

    Nothing for scalps, for sure. So, how does it live up?
  7. jjf


    True, true, very true.

    However most people post their trades on ET after the event and so the lag in their brain is even more than any satellite connection.
  8. Still.

    I use ATM in Ninja so far pretty often (automatic trade management), which puts in stops, trails etc.

    I can hardly imagine that working flawless in fast markets over a 2second delay each way... that is a LOT of time.

    Acutally one reason I program my own software for that at the moment... which will run THAT stuff from a server in a data center ;) Also good for... unreliable connections ;)
  9. I'm also on the shitter with an air card, who would have thought.
  10. Odd. I didn't know Verizon had satellite. Because that's how your IP is coming across.
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