Trading from Europe

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alientrader, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am moving over to Europe from the USA in the coming months and was wondering if anyone has had any good experiences in trading and connecting to the US equity exchanges, in particular from paris or london. What kind of internet connection do you guys over there use and how reliable is it? I am primarily a scalper so speed is pretty essential to me.
    from what i have been reading, I understand that a PTP T1 trans-atlantic connection is my best bet, but i am just wondering if there are any other good alternatives and if people are happy with them.
    I should mention that i tried trading from Hong Kong once and the latency was just horrible.
    thanks guys
  2. Man... that would be expensive as hell. It would make sense to just run a line to a good clearing firm. That clearing firm will have a line crossing the pond over to the US.
  3. I would like to do that, although I don't know of any UK brokerage that offers direct access to the US markets though. I looked t Interactive brokers, and it seems that their platform would be a problem for my style of trading.
    I was quoted somewhere around USD2,000 for a direct line from London to NYC. I am not sure if that is accurate or not? If anyone has any experience in this, very much appreciated.

  4. the physical distance from the exchange will be the main factor affecting latency - the transatlantic hop typically takes 60-70ms when I've analysed my own traceroutes from home, for a total ping time of around 120ms using a cable connection and a US based brokerage.

    The best latency for CME and CBOT i've seen in London was around 95ms from send to receive confirmed, that was when I was trading out of Refco's office in London.

    Your best bet is probably to use TT with a UK clearer like GNI or Fortis if you want speed and dont mind paying for it.

    if you can live with 120ms pings then stick with a retail broker like Velocity