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    I'm a business student from Europe, and I want to start trading some stocks. I have some theoretical knowledge about trading, but I want to gain some experience in the real world, so have tried to register on, but they are closed to new members outside the USA for some time, and I am wondering what is the best way to start and is there some similar site where I can start trading online.

    If someone could help me about this issue, and write me a few words, I would be very grateful to him.

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    This board has a Brokers section. Take a look at it and the ratings given by elitetrader members.

    Do you want to trade European Stocks or American Stocks?
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    Hello ,

    I am using IB from Europe for US stocks and Europen stocks
  4. Well if you are keen on trading/spreadbetting on UK equities, which is how I started, it's easy to open an account with say finspreads or CMC markets. Depending on what theory you have you can then look for lots of resources online on analysis methods etc. I'm a chartist (i.e. I use mostly technical analysis with a hint of fundamental for health checks etc) so I'd also get a good software for quotes, analysis, optimizations etc. Updata have a great real time software called TraderPro. Sure there's others out there but I'm so comfortable with this :)

    Let me know how your search goes.

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    Thank you all so much. I hope that I'll soon try out sites and software that you have recommended to me.

    And Chart Lion, I hope that's OK if I send you some PM if I have some small questions, since you were so nice to write all those things for me. I hope I won't bother you too much.

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    @FGBL07 I was hoping to trade some US stocks, and I'll check out the Brokers section, thanks for the info.
  7. as suggested, <a href="">IB</a> is perfectly fine.

  8. Don't spreadbet or use CFDs. As a noob, the last thing you need to use is leverage. Stick to cash equities from the long side only, until you have at least 1 year of experience.
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    I would second the recommendations for IB.

    IB is a truly global broker and they have offices/service centers around the globe including Europe, so if you need to talk to someone it is likely you can reach them in your time zone.

    Since you don't trade a lot yet commissions may not be a concern but it would be hard to find a broker that is more competitive on commissions and margin policies.


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    i recommend Interactive Brokers also
    your account will be opened in UK, and you can trade all over the world.
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