Trading from Europe

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by arna, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. arna



    thinking about trading as a remote trader for company located in Canada.

    I checked my connection to some servers in NYC: tracert & ping:
    ping: 159ms
    tracert: 156ms; 17hops,

    Is there anyone who is trading from Europe? What is your tracert/ping to BD server?
  2. JustinFX


    Check them out first via FSA. Some offer to teach you and offer to back you? But in most cases if they are really interested in you they don't need your capital! So be very cautious about such adverts and especially remote trading - its just not realistic that companies will back you let alone back as a remote trader! FUTEX advertise it but they won't part with any information and get a bit uptight when you start asking questions!
  3. arna


    Don't need to be teach by any prop firms. Have got experience, and Ive been very consistent.

    Just would like to trade directly, non at prop trading office (lower payout).
    I've been asking about the tracert / ping to compare to others who are trading from europe.