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  1. HI there interested to know if anyone is trading from China back to an outside clearer ( non Chinese based) ie ABN or similar and using TT for execution.

    Any issues to know of would be appreciated .

  2. Scammers Hold Brothers have a whole team of local slave traders working on US stocks from China. They surely know issues.
  3. Where in China?

    Why would you trade from China instead of hkG?
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    Many slave traders for Tower Hill people in India as well....
  5. I know a guy who bought 1 house in Detroit. Why Detroit and not San Francisco? d'uh.....

    poor people!!!!
  6. I used to live in China for six years while having IB as broker - they have something called "Asia Gateway" to overcome the Great Firewall of China. Worked fine, but was down one day which caused me $1,000 in loss... :(
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    Read somewhere that Tradestation does not work in China due to the great firewall - I think it was a situation where TS regards a connection as dead with 40ms non response
  8. Sounds very plausible to me!
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    Coz environment is better and life much cheaper to begin with ( at least over the HK border ) ?

    No idea about TT but one can trade IB TWS from China. I experienced poor internet connections but it should be better with a private connection.

    Quantwizard, where did you stay in China and do you speak mandarin ? It's pretty hard to go around with only western lingos, especially out of the expats districts but also there ime.
  10. Interesting thread as I am currently travelling in China and I have used TradeStation to place trades since Monday. I can say definitely that TradeStation does work in China, however, there is about 1 second delay between placing the order (hit the send button) and seeing the order appear on the Matrix (meaning the order gets to the TS server I suppose) and the real time data for the Matrix and charts are also about 1 second delayed. However, once an order is parked in server, the execution is NOT delayed. This means order can get executed before I even see the price printed. I experienced this a couple of times when I trade the fast moving CL.
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