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  1. yes i use transact for some of my trading and i am totally pleased!!! I have had very top class customer service dealings with this company also! two thumbs up {left and right hand---hahaha} !

    they have API capabilities also for automated if that is another need you have.

    the trading off the charts is the future------------oh wait, here it is! :)
  2. Transact is the way to go for data and as a broker. But if you have a small account you can get Transact data through Lions futures. $3000 minimum and $500 per contract.

    However, Esig is useful for good backfill. A few features of TM depend on Esig.

    I'd stay away from any broker who uses Patsystems for TM data.
  3. great point luke-------DO NOT USE pats! :D
  4. Which broker uses eSignal?

    I presume that the woodie's CCI is provided with eSignal

  5. Some of the volume indicators in TM require Esignal and there may be other indicators in TM that require it. If you need backfilled charts it's useful for that. But I'd use Transact or Lions as your broker (depending upon capital available and number of monthly transactions) if you're going with TM as a platform.

    Depending on your system, TM may support all the indicators you need without Esig.
  6. Yeah, this looks good. I'm using TM through Proactive Futures, and the Transact feed is spot on with the one I have through Best.

    I tried calling TM the other morning, but they didn't answer. My broker tried as well, same result. That was pretty weird. Hey, Truffleman, did you ever get through to them?