Trading from and Office or at home??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by gimp570, Sep 19, 2007.

Do you trade from an office or from home???

  1. Trading from home and happy!

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  2. Trading from an office and happy!

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  3. Trading from home but would like to be in a office with others

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  4. Trading from home but would like to rent office space just to get out of house

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  1. gimp570


    Do you trade from an office or from home. I know that there are not many offices left. When i first started out, i traded from an office with a bunch of traders,(it was great) however i have been trading from home for years now and would love to get back to an office. If you had a choice would you like to get back to an office? Or do you enjoy trading from home
  2. Personally speaking, I trade from home, I would be lonely and bored if I didn't have trading buddies I met online to talk with on skype. Good trading by yourself is very boring. I guess that's why some of you have pets ( which I don't have currently ) to keep you company trading from home.
  3. B1010


    I currently trade out of an office but have also done trading at home for fairly long periods of time (almost 2 years straight at one point). They both have their benefits but I think I seem to trade a little better when I am trading out of an office. I think I may stay focused a little better when in an office especially if I ever have a rough couple of days trading.
  4. gimp570


    Trading from home is not all bad...but sometimes my screaming kids make me nuts. I would love to be back in an office with other traders but not many left......I would like to rent some office space just to get out of the house but i think i would get depressed in one of those little offices and the bigger ones cost more....

    what to do
  5. lescor


    The best of both worlds, trade from home but with a network of solid traders that I'm always in contact with by IM, phone or squawk.
  6. the chances of overtrading are quite high & the feeling you have to answer to someone holding a desk for you can be a negative..maybe you get lucky & find a good group of guys to work together, positive synergy. which is ideal, but most traders keep to themselves from my experience. double-edged sword.. trading is all about freedom, so you give up some of that in a office environment .. if your new then i guess it could be positive, otherwise going solo is the best bet.. imo..
  7. DavidGold


    Nothing like trading from home... no line at the coffee machine, free snacks, friendly people, no screaming other than your own...
  8. gimp570


    sure trading from home is good....but...i think it would be nice to get out of the house everyday...I sleep in the same room that i trade in all day....

    Another Huge thing is that it seems Much Harder to Leave my work at the office when my office is only a few feet away...and when i am done for the day at an office i would just leave but at my house i am always checking back and seeing what is going on and sometimes i come back and trade more even though i should be done for the day

    biggest thing is it is harder to leave my work at the office when my office is at home./ might be easier to get over bad days when i can just leave
  9. you cant trade naked in your office. Or can you? :eek: lol
  10. If you are not totally dependent on blazing speed, you can trade wirelessly from libraries, McDonalds (free), Starbucks, etc.

    Then you can have people, coffee, food or books around you, and pay nothing :)
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