Trading from a Palm Centro?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DataCruncher, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Has anybody used a Palm Centro cell phone for checking quotes/placing trades?

    From what I understand there are some free trading applications available for Windows Mobile. However they might be junk, I'd be interested if anybody has placed a trade in this manner. It would be useful for when you need to place a trade while on the go or as a backup for a failed internet connection.
  2. Palm phones don't use Windows Mobile, Palm has there own operating system, so I don't think the Windows Mobile applications you spoke off will work on a Palm. But I believe esignal and other companies have mobile applications for phones, and I would guess they would have a version compatable with Palm. You can make a trade from a PPC, but you can't day trade from one in my experience. I use Sprint, reception is good, and my PPC can also use wifi if the Sprint data signal isn't strong enough. But I wouldn't try to day trade from it. It can't process the new data and send data fast enough to do this reliably.
  3. Checkout

    I had this on my Tre650 until I switched over to a Blackberry :D, which has a better version of the same software

    you can install from OTA visiting