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    Mr J

    Any general advice about trading from a laptop is welcomed - I've used a laptop, but not on the go.

    I currently have a desktop setup, but need some mobility. I don't require much in terms of performance, and a netbook would probably do the job. The important requirements are something that is comfortable to carry, and with the ability to run 3-4 monitors. I've looked at the various solutions, and barring ultra-expensive options, it looks like the most simple solution would be to get a laptop with two display outputs (hdmi/DP/dvi + vga), and then run 1 or 2 usb adaptors. I've been checking around for laptops with two outputs, but I'd like any suggestions people may have.

    Matrox doesn't appear to be a solution for me. The resolution on the triplehead is limited, and the dualhead only offers one more, and it would be cheaper just to get a usb apaptor instead.

    Docking stations don't seem to be worthwhile unless I can find something that supports a gpu. Otherwise I'm just getting two displays, which isn't of much use if I'm getting a laptop that can already run two (though it might be 2x dvi rather than dvi+vga).

    How about having a desktop driving the monitiors, and run the applications from the laptop? I'm aware of maxivista, and I suppose I could use it to run 3, and then another 1 or 2 from the laptop.

    I do have a question - do most laptops with two outputs support dual external monitors? The ones I've tried have, but I'd have to order something, only to find that it forces me to use the laptop monitor.
  2. I think if you can find a laptop with 2 extra video outputs, it should be able to support 2 external monitors. But from what I have used and seen, most laptops have only 1 extra video output. The laptop market is mostly for traveling business people and students. For business use, most would use it for making presentations and 1 extra output would suffice.

    Most laptops nowadays come with 2 or 3 USB outlets. I think the USB-to-DVI/VGA adapters are the best solution in terms of price. You can buy one of those for $50-$70. Get 3 of those, and use the extra VGA output from the laptop itself, you can drive 4 external monitors, plus the laptop screen itself. (5 screens).
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    Outstanding! The guys in the hardware threads (not me!:( :D ) know their stuff!
  4. I tried those adapters that come out of the usb ports. They are ok is you have apps that don't refresh like spreadsheets or word docs. they lag or freeze when displaying active apps like charts, quote pages. Your best bet as far as cost is a laptop that has 1 ext vga port (which most do nowadays) and get the matrox dual or tri head . With the tri head you will get the laptop screen + another HUGE single screen spread out amongst 3 external monitors. Downside is that the 3 monitors need to be very close in size to each other since Matrox considers the 2,3,4 display as one big screen.
  5. Lol, what's the point of bringing along a laptop if you're gonna plug in multiple monitors? Best to bring a nettop with you. They're much cheaper too.
  6. I think what Mr. J said was he will use his laptop at home to drive 3-4 monitors, but need to mobility to bring his laptop with him on the go.

    It would be really cumbersome to bring your nettop, keyboard, mouse and a monitor to use in Starbucks.

    Bring laptops and external monitors to trips is not uncommon either. When I go on vacation I usually bring 2 laptops and 2 mons to trade from the hotel room.
  7. Huh? What --- Why go on vacation to be tied down to computers?
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  9. I don't think that is "weird". I trade for a living. I don't get a "regular paycheck" with vacation benefit like most people. My trading stop, my income stops. How is doing things a little differently from the norm be automatically considered weird?

    Trading the market opening 1-2 hours and take the rest of the time to enjoy life is my vacation. I did that in Key West, San Diego, Oregon. They paid for the trips.
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    Mr J

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I have seen quite a few with two outputs. Dell has a few options at 13inch/1.8kg, offering hdmi+vga. They only offer 3 or less usb slots though, and I'd prefer to use a mouse and external keyboard. To get 4+ usb slots, I'd need something large, or something that allows a dock.

    Flexibility. I could use two machines, but it seems I can do it with one.

    I took another look at matrox. I'd written them off after reading the specs, which stated a max res of 1280x1024 for three screens. That's only for 4:3 monitors though; the max is 1680x1050 for a 16:10 monitor. A laptop with two oupts and a triplehead would allow 4 monitors with room for more (buy another triplehead).

    Thanks for your help.
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