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  1. serious question: does any1 know of a retail broker that allows a person to trade US stocks/future/options from a foreign country. Can this be done with IB? Is there another broker that allows this? Thanks 4 info.
  2. I haven't heard of any NOT allowing, and I've been w/ a few, including IB. Perhaps you should try asking one?
  3. ok, can u give me some names? IB is an international broker, who are the others, or are there any others? What Im looking 2 do is trade US markets from Asia.
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    IB do..I'm UK based
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    I've traded from Spain with Datek, Ameritrade Pro, and now IB (IMO, by far the better of this 3).
  6. I don't understand the question.

    If your broker has a platform that can be accessed from the internet, you can trade from any country you like.

  7. Thanks for posing this question Blackguard.

    Is there anything unusual to consider if you want to trade US markets outside of the US?

    ie, is there extra paperwork?

    are there any withholding taxes? (can't imagine so, still)

    anything out of the ordinary?

    I'm a non-US national trading US securities from the US, but may plan to do so from outside the US at a later date.
  8. If you are not among citizen of those countries (or living there) that restricted from opening account with US brokerages by Patriotic Act law, then you won't have problem opening and accessing your trading account regardless of where you live in the world.

    Some of these countries are Libyia, Sudan, North Korea,
    ........Whom they don't have any diplomatic relationship
    with US government
  9. no, Im not in any of those countries. Why would I live there? Anyway, I think I got my question answered in a roundabout way. Ill fund my IB account via wire transfer and withdraw funds to live on periodically through the same route.

    Being an ex-pat american I'm 100% sure I owe Uncle Sam his share a\come tax time.
  10. blackguard,

    We have a lot of international traders that trade out of Asia. They really like the fact that they get the same real time quotes and fast executions that domestic traders receive. We also have extremely competitive commission schedules and the new account paperwork is simple.

    Visit our website for more information on our company, trading platforms, commissions, etc.

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