Trading from a Cruise Ship

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  1. Has anyone done it? Please share your experiences. Just wondering if anyone has tried to place trades or just do regular "market research" using their satellite Internet uplink...
    From what I hear, on some ships you can actually hook up a laptop right in your cabin (56K modem). They also have Internet cafes where the speed is supposed to be 256K. Their WiFi hotspots allow for the same type of bandwidth.
    I know there are some issues when you go through a satellite (TCP resets, etc.). However, as an example, TOS claims their software only needs 56K line...
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. sounds risky...never know when a connection like that will bonk...then what are you gonna do with open orders?
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    I did it once. The cruise ended up costing me 100K.
  4. I would have to call in orders. Some cruise lines allow you to use your cell phone (only cingular so far) on board to make calls at roaming charges (a lot cheaper than satellite calls). Also, if you cruise the Caribbean, you will be in port almost each day, which should let you place calls from a land line... But yeah, depends on how actively you trade... I would not day trade from there...
  5. wow... Would you mind telling me what type of trading were you doing at the time? Did you have to monitor your positions intra-day tick by tick?
  6. with verizon you can trade anyplace there is phone service. you get about dialup speed. i have run ib on it out in the middle of nowhere with no problems.
  7. how about go on vacation. :D
  8. I think you are referring to their cell phone coverage. You don't get that in the open sea. Maybe in some ports...
  9. No can do :) I will have some short option contracts open at the time. Need to keep a close eye on those...
  10. That's a stitch. I was actually fantasizing about day trading from a cruise ship recently. As an engineer it occurred to me that broadband internet would only be consistently available via satellite. That has its own problems such as long packet latency.

    I think I'd just drink beers and work on my tan personally.
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