Trading from a coconut grove?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oneway, Aug 30, 2001.

  1. oneway


    Perhaps some of the professionals amongst us can address this.

    Are there any brokerage or brokerage affiliates that maintain customer accounts offshore?

    Can an foriegn national or ex-pat trade US equities, futures, or options from an offshore base?

    How would a foreign corporation or LLC be taxed on active trading profits?

    Anyone having information on active trading using a foriegn corporation, LLC or Bank as the front entity?

    Could for instance, a Citizen of...lets say the Netherland Antilles, who resides there, trade Naz securites, options and index futures contracts?

    I think you get my drift

    Just curious...for educational and discussion purposes only!

  2. def

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    many firms will open accounts for foreign customers/corporations. With the proper tax forms there you can avoid withholding tax.
  3. coops


    Make sure you fill in the W8-BEN forms, available at

    these will hopefully get you out of withholding tax.

    If you're a brit should be no problems, but i've heard you lucky US citizens have to pay tax on income earned anywhere in the world even if you're not living in US. Ouch.

    Just make sure your coconut grove has DSL or cable..........