trading from a boeing 747

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    very cool.

    this is a new service from japan air lines. not sure if other airlines offer this as well.

    they have wireless broadband during the flight. i had to try it. had my ultra portable vaio vgn-t350 with me. pretty fast, no lags whatsoever on my trading platform, esignal did have delays (but that happened in the US too). cost me $20 for the whole flight. made my 14 hour flight from new york to tokyo pass more quickly.

    i flew last tuesday, on FOMC day. traded post announcement, and made some moolah while in the sky :)
  2. That is pretty cool..

    How secure do you feel the connection was?
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    from their website.....

    "Using a wireless connection to access our service on an airplane is no different from a security risk standpoint than using a wireless connection at any terrestrial hot spot or other facility. Just as you should in a terrestrial environment, keep in mind that a wireless connection can be more vulnerable to unauthorized attempts to intercept and read the content of your communications by persons in the vicinity of the wireless access point during the time your information travels wirelessly through the air. A hacker, for example, could attempt to intercept the wireless connection between your device and the wireless access point in the aircraft in order to gain access to your communications, or even your computer, including the software and data stored on it. It may even be possible for a hacker to create a counterfeit web page in an effort to deceive you into submitting personal information to the hacker."

    "We highly recommend that you employ firewalls, virus protection and other security measures to protect the integrity and security of your information, in addition to the security measures we provide. For example, you should encrypt your e-mail and if available to you as part of an enterprise application, use a virtual private network (VPN) connection to assure a secured transmission of your information. This is especially important when you are using a wireless connection to access our service. Keep in mind that no solution guarantees perfect security. "
  4. Interesting
    Thanks and Happy Flying
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    from a it-security point of view, just set up a ssh-tunnel to a server in a trusted location (like your home or office). something like the below constellation should do

    your ssh-client on your laptop connects to your box at home and builds a connect-forward-tunnel to your broker, say IB
    note: you must allow the server to build forward connections, not enabled by default.
    your trading software on your laptop connects to the tunnel on localhost.
    note: in this very instant the traffic goes encrypted to your box@home which forwards it to your broker unencrypted.

    i've used this approach many a times. can also be used to send/get mail or remote desktop.
  6. trading from a boeing 747 ?

    Why would you want to do this unless you happen to live in a boeing 747 registered in a tax paradise?
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    Always use a stoploss, in case of a plane crash.

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    exeactly. id rather be chatting up the trolly dolly while she pours me another glass than trading like a monkey.

    its called overtrading.

    its for people who are not traders but gambling addicts - and just cant help themselves.

    id get help.

    traders trade so they can have a good life style when away from the screen. who wants to be trading 24x7?
  9. its a 20 hour flight from australia to well anywhere
    time for 5 or 6 hostesses and some trading
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    If you're on a long haul flight, not tired and have seen all the films why not trade if there's the possibility to make some money? OF course there's overtrading but I would rather work my ass off now and retire early. Whether or not you think trading on a flight is a good idea, the fact that it's an option can only be a good thing
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