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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ron2368, Aug 29, 2001.

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    How many here look at the number of trades they do weekly as sort of a measure of how eager you may be to jump in a trade or maybe you are not noticing as many opportunities? Just as a type of regular self evaluation.

    I have noticed over the last 2 years that I usually enter a certain amount(range) of trades weekly. I mostly swing trade and have 15 to 25 rt trades a week. I find( in retrospect) when that number is much lower I am either not finding situations or am just too timid about entry. There can also be times when its just not right to be in the market, like fed days or pre holiday. When my trade amount swells I may feel that I was unfocused or not being patient enough with a setup and/or entering too many trades.

    Its just another thing I take notice of and was wondering what input some other traders may have. Thanks

  2. Well I've noticed I changed a lot after going from a ticket charge structure to a non ticket charge structure.

    I used to enter a trade once and than exit once with an occassionally adding to a position once or twice if it really went in my favor.

    Now with a per share basis that I recieve at Echo I tend to get in heavily in the beginning and will buy more immeadiately if the trade starts to work in my favor. I then peel off the position the more it moves in my favor.

    So I can easily do 200 trades a day on just 5 positions with this structure.