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    did not have a title which indicated what the journal was about.

    I will try to make this journal, unlike any other and not just a record of trades made and posted in live time but also to give some rational of why the trades were made.

    This is not easy to do in real time because it distracts from the real job of trading but i will try.... because it helps me as much as it helps those, who want to be helped:there are none so blind as those who will not see.

    any comments are welcome provided they are accompanied with full explanation illustrated with charts when necessary.

    do not make personal comments or make fun of my profits or lack of them, or of my trading method[or lack of one]. they will be reported and requested for deletion

    however comments on how to improve my trading method if posted with full explanation will be welcome....if the advice is not billed.
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    short eurusd...stop is calculated according to the range of the largest bar and added to the high of that bar target:no clue. rational/ reason for trade will be given if time permits in the next post new.png
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    If it distracts you from the real job of trading, then don't do it. There's a reason my journal is not real time...Because I want to trade first and journal it later, to reflect. There's no need to make real-time calls in a market, period.

    Journaling and trading at the same time seems a very tough task.
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    huh? The Europeans are still sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    if you see the high marked by yellow arrow and the next two highs ,not marked,you will see there is not much space between them meaning after a new high there is not much follow through:
    this is what i call a wedge ...i do not bother if i can draw it or not ,it usually behaves as wedge. n.png
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    unfortunately i like doing tough things......if it helps show it is real....traders do not trust and that is because their job is not to trust but to analyse.

    just posting does not take much effort or time

    but to give rational is very difficult.

    i just want to give a little back to the market, even though it has taken 12 years of my life and huge amount of money.......

    if this labor helps even one trader then it is worth the labor....

    i do not want anyone to go through what i went through, because they are not made of the stuff i am made off
    i hope traders understand this and give respect which is due NOT TO ME BUT TO THIS SPACE.
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    I may forget later why the trade was taken
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    The way we trade are very different even though we are doing day trading.
    anyway all the best.
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    And I would not want anyone to go through what I have in trading. It has been bad (and good), and stupid. But at least I did not hobble myself by trying to post live calls on a forum while trading the live account? That seems a bad idea all around, man.

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    good point.......and i am aware of it....just wetting my feet, so to speak, a warm up, before the real action.....

    i do not think the pros are in this move...judging from the range and movement of the bars

    and that is the reason for the micro position size: 0.1
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