trading forex

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  1. i can trade the EUR off the seat of my pants, and nothing more.

    no indi's, no news, no nothing
    i will prove it here.
    i own it
  2. long .3221
  3. please, no detractors just watch
  4. Think you have the wrong sub-forum
  5. got out .3258

    waiting for next setup
  6. sold .3232
  7. low baller,

    nice short trade with no stop.

    you got a 50 lot on ........?

    the euro is ripping you a new one.........:)

    balls 2 the wall.

    lets see how it playz out.



  8. bang! we just bounced off a hard ceiling.
  9. immediately after entry was TEN PIPS green. no heat instant profit (should i decide to take it) :cool:
  10. nope.

    woulda coulda shoulda ....

    you did not close it .

    you are short so deal with it.



    #10     Feb 22, 2012