trading forex with constant range bars

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sakimonohito, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. I have a pretty good method I've been trading in forex using constant range bars. Anyone else out there like to use these in forex?
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    Hi sakimonohito

    I've recently discovered range bars and am attempting to come up with a strategy. I'd appreciate if you would share your method and ideas.

    How large a range do you trade with? Is this with all currency pairs? I'm trying to combine it with a currency strength/heat map but I haven't discovered one I'm happy with.
  3. Hi,

    I normally use 20 as my range. It's somewhat arbitrary but I found it gives good indications for hourly setups and catches the trends early enough and allows you to exit with the bulk of the profit when the trend reverses.

    I've been writing a blog for a few years about it actually. My trading is a bit sporadic but when I am trading, it can be a very effective method indeed.
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    Hi there

    Could you tell me the name of your blog.

    I've looked at range bars on/off over a few years, though I had problems with the chart software I used at the time. I now have a MT4 script that creates the bars and I'm looking to trade again, perhaps using an EA.

    Can you explain how you trade using the 20 pip bar? Do you trade a break out strategy or use any indicators to determine when to trade?


    I haven't uploaded the template for my current system but, with the exception of the constant range bars, all indicators are easily obtained at popular forex forums on the net.
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    I've seen the video.

    I've most of the indicators, so I'll look at those mentioned.

    I've tried EMAs using High/Low to create a band and looked at breakouts, but they also suffer days when the markets chop.

    Would you like to elaborate on what you've described so we can perhaps get some active exchanges going on this thread?