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    I have been using Ensign software to trade Equity Futures. it is a fantastic charting software.

    I intend to expand the use of Ensign software to trade Forex.
    I especially like the pesavento pattern from Ensign software which I think will give an edge intrading.

    anyone using Ensign software to trade Forex?
    I'd like to know what indicators/studies .... you are using, how go to about using Pasavento pattern or even Gartley pattern
  2. Don't know about Pesavento Patterns but I used Ensign a while back (2006) to compare GFT's Foresight AI to Ensign's Pesavento Map (now called Ensign Map), it was really incredible, I only stopped using Ensign because they had refresh issues with FXCM's data and their charts.

    These are some screenshots I saved from ForesightAI but Ensign's map was identical, well worth a look.......

    Bars are price, the green line is the map


  3. 'cuse my ignorance, but what are these pretty lines supposed to tell me?
  4. The little red and blue vertical lines are a visual representation of where price has been (commonly known as a 'bar chart' :) ), and the green/orange line is the map of where price is expected to go in the future!

    The previous screenshots have the bar chart on them to show where price actually went compared to the map.

    The screenshot below is what you would normally see, without the bar chart on it showing where price had been because obviously it hadn't been there yet, that's kinda the point of a map! :p

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    I do use Ensign daily to trade FX. In fact FX is all I trade.

    I use median lines and other structures as used by Roger Babson in the 20s, Allan Andrews in the 50s and 60s and Timothy Morge today.

    You can find Tim's site at and I would highly recommend looking at some of his free videos. He uses Ensign and so everything will have a familiar look for you.

    Beware lagging indicators such as those shown above in this thread and bundled with Ensign. There IS a reason that 90% of traders lose money and lagging indicators is one of them.

    Good luck
  6. lol, you obviously don't even know what the Pesavento Map or Foresight AI is.....'lagging', yeah ok! :D
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    You are absolutely right apropos Foresight. Apologies, my post was too broad in its positioning.

    The Pesavento Map though is, IMHO, lagging and incorporates an element of curve fitting.

    As for what I know or know.... I don't know you and you don't know me so neither of us can make such a statement. I won't be dragged into casting aspersions but simply state my opinion. If you disagree that is your prerogative.

    Have a good weekend,
  8. GFT's $500-per-pair-per-month Foresight AI and Ensign's $29.99 package incl Pesavento Map were the exact same thing, identical.

    The map can't be lagging unless you redraw it, but redrawing isn't the idea really.

    On the screenshots I posted you'll see the map, and then where price went. At no time on those screenshots was the map redrawn.

    I'm not planting nastertions, I was simply stating fact, you obviously don't/didn't know what Foresight AI or the Pesavento map are.

    Have a good week.

  9. wex65


    I havent a clue with a "nastertion" is but you were stating your opinion, I was stating mine.

    Unlike you, I haven't at any point told you what you know or don't know. you don't know me, my history or experience and I don't know yours. I won't let this, like most other forums, descend into insults or who is right/wrong, ignorant etc. I will repeat, you have your opinion and I have mine.

    I have done nothing more than state my opinion, that the Pesavento Map is lagging. If anyone pays $500/pair/month for that (if it is identical to the Foresight AI )that is for them to decide. I am not arrogant enough to tell them they are wrong, it is simply not something I would do.

    I will add this though. If the two are identical, and I certainly don't dispute that, it certainly raises questions as to the fiscal prudence of those subscribing to the Foresight AI at such a premium.
  10. Ok, so not only don't you know what Foresight AI and the Pesavento Map (now Ensign Map) are, but it seems you have comprehension issues as well!

    Read my posts, they're self-explanatory.....oh, and try a laxative! :p

    (Geez, 3 posts and already displayed your moronic qualities, that's gotta be a record!)
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