Trading for three years !now I m still confusion

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  1. Lynn_cn


    During three years, I have gradually from a trainee become a formal trader, total profit about $100k

    but these days i suddenly fell i m always wrong ,
    make each order is not corrert . than be confusion.

    three years seems nothing , not give me a good method and profitable way . last week ,i lost about $6k ~just one week ,and yesterday is still no earning .

    maybe my trading life going to the end . i am thing whether quit this game .

    i dont know how many years can be profitablt and stable .
  2. are you daytrading ? where does it go wrong would you say ?
    have you tought about taking a few steps back for a litle while as in distance yourself from trading for a period of 1-2 months ? that might be helpfull
  3. Lynn_cn


    yes i m a day trader ~

    i think about the days when i have good profit . but one time one trend . something worse is i lost my fell of the stocks .

  4. ammo


    you learned to trade buy the dip,it may keep going ,it may be over,just be cautious and you may learn how to trade a down market,market moves in 3's
  5. Lynn_cn


    i promise its a really story of mine

    three years ago ,when i was a traniee, i went here and post the first . and i register in 2008 april
  6. You too.

    Search this site, read all of ProfLogic, all of Spydertrader, all of Jack Hershey. It will be an awful awful lot of work. But the rewards will be immense, and it is completely free.
  7. do you trade on dark pool? I heard lots of people who made money in the past years have problems to make money now.

  8. Lynn_cn


    whats kind of dark pool ,it sounds mysterious
  9. Don`t start with Hershey, tailgate NoDoji:)
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