Trading For Those With a Diagnosed Mental Illness

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by psytrade, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Any Traders in ET that have Bipolar or depression? Do you have any strategies that you use to keep your Trading impersonal ?

    Does mental illness make Trading impossible thru depressions or mania due to the subjective activities that it involves?

    Any thoughts about Trading with and around a mental illness would be well appreciated.
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    That's funny.. Is any of the elitetrader memebrs psychically ill? :)) I am not, otherwise i would have a guardian with me, that would not let me sign any contracts, cuz they are going to be worthless..
  3. That would explain quite a few of the comments made in these threads :D
  4. Going short 20K SPUS tomorrow... woo hoo.... where is my pacifier ?
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    Acrary is THE one of the greatest contributors to ET.
  6. are you saying he's a headcase?
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    He mentioned it a few times himself that he's got some mental issues and he had to overcome it by developing systems and backtesting, backtesting, backtesting...
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    Interesting, because more people suffer from depression than any other illness in the U.S.
    I know that, for myself, watching the markets on my computer helps me forget my problems. I have only just started actually trading, so cannot state how I will handle it when I get depressed. Just hoping for the best.
    I just hope that people on this list that suffer from mental illness are seeing a good psychiatrist & are properly medicated.
  9. Never been diagnosed - labeled, but I can become as depressed as the best\worst of em.

    Thing about it is that I don't give a sh*t if I'm depressed or not so it really doesn't matter.

    Moral of the story: If you don't mind - it don't matter!!!

    Trade On! :D
  10. talk to nomoreoptions, qdz3se, ZZZ..., and murraytturtle :p
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