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  1. I think maybe you need therapy,
    just google "I need thereapy" and you will find a whole lot of options :p
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  2. So why register now and post this?

    I'll be the first one to scream bullshit if this ends with a link or snakeoil product. But nothing is suspect yet.

    Does "premature flaming" happen often? I think they have drugs for that.

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  3. Couldn't agree more Incognito! I've never found a use for A/D.

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  4. Flame all you want, I could care less, I'm immune to the ET attacks.

    You are just bitter because someone gave you some hope of some edge and someone, like me, said this info is worthless, look elsewhere.

    Hope, a daytrader's worst enemy.

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  5. Well in case you didn't notice you are the one flaming. Again I am surprised you are saying it's worthless without even knowing how it works. hmmm :confused:

    if you are happy with your trading style why are you so angry mmm :confused:

    again go to google and type "anger management" I am just trying to help :cool:
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  6. Quite the contrary. I don't trade macd or adx and my edge is just fine.

    I'm pointing out that the flame was premature as there is nothing outlined to draw fire.

    Let the thread play out....I'm may be right there with you.
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  7. can you show us more of your body? Yooe know, tits and everything
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  8. you gotta be kiddin :D
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  9. T4L, I told you this thread was gonna get active. I think you're gonna get pretty tired of the responses you're gonna get here. If you're looking for quality feedback you're definitely in the WRONG place. Good luck though....still looking forward to your charts.

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  10. i own all the knowledge on a/d see my oddball system dec 2000 active trader article.

    some things trouble me, years ago there was a gal named trader girl she appeared out of nowhere, she posted pics trades and herself, she was hot both ways trades and herself. in the end it was a dude having some fun.

    besides no one can cherry pick a trend day from a non trend day. the day just unfolds in front of you as it happens and you deal with it. to do this you have to work every day, not just when you feel like it's going to magically trend.


    oops a google search of your yahoo messenger name reveals the following.

    I also offer 1-on-1 coaching only if I have the time, e-mail me at if you are interested. Cheers, Becky.

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