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  1. So you are saying that you watch every day but don't take a trade every day?

    In your initial post you showed a 2 pt trade. Two pts does not seem like a 'trend' trade: I would consider it a scalp. What is your stop-loss on your trades?
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    Very interesting thread for those of use involved in auto-mated trading. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. I prefer to trade in trend days and target 2 points that's why I have a very high winning rates. Plus once or twice a month I manage to capture the trend and earn big (10 - 20 pts).

    I watch the chart every day for 30 mins after those 30 mins I know if I will trade or not. Also I know the exact entry and exit prices 5 mins after the market opens.
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  4. Actually, the caption of the screenshot is 18 "July" maybe this is a "pre"-call???

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  5. Sorry about that, tried to fix it but looks like I can't edit the post 30 mins after it's posted :mad:
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  6. Becky

    The way your chart is setup it looks as though you are trading an envelope around a moving average rather than an advance decline indicator.

    Do you use actual advance decline numbers after 30 minutes to make your decision?

    If so, why is the envelope on the chart?


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  7. The envelope is just a secondary confirmation tool. I watch the ADV/DEC chart the first 30 mins of the day if it's not moving strong enough then I wont trade
    If it hits the marks then I am good to trade.
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    beck,whats the ratio u use on adv/dec that tips you off for a probable trend day,3/1 4/1 6/1?
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  10. Becky this guy has been extremely helpful to me the last several months and he has helped a lot of people for free. Check out his site and maybe he'll benefit you as well.
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