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  1. Hi,

    Hi I am Becky Biggs, I will be posting my trades in the S&P 500 market here with screenshots. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

    Here is my last trade:

    18 July 2008
  2. Hi

    Here are the screenshots of all the trades I placed in June. It's a zip file attached.
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  3. Oh goodie, I get to be the first to ask what your actual strategy is.
  4. I only trade big moves, I bypass all choppy and small trades. minimum target is 2 points per trade. Also some times maybe 1 or 2 times a month the market trend and keep moving in a single direction all day. I capture those moves and end up winning 10 - 20 points per trade but they are rare tho..

    I trade based on the Advance/Decline indicator which tells the real intention of the market in any given day.

    BTW, I don't trade every day only 2 or 3 times a week but when it happens I would be pretty sure it's a winner.. I take a loss every couple of months since I don't trade like 10 times a day. Last loser was last March.
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    Another trader posting winning trades after the fact. Wow. How long until you offer us your winning system for a "small" fee?
  6. I don't have a system for sale I am not a marketer. I can show you my method tho and we can chat online if you want to.
  7. March, April and May trades.. Screen shots attached.


  9. Glad to see your post and look forward to hearing about your methods and results.

    Why don't you don't trade every day? I have been trading the ES every day since Dec. and I see 'trending days' about twice a week. Not catching them yet but I'm starting to recognize them in time to trade them.
  10. SWhiting, thanks I don't trade every day because I prefer to capture trending moves and as you know they don't happen every day. I prefer 1 big trade than few smaller ones ;-)

    bunds, Nah I think I am too hot for you :D
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