Trading for less than 2 Handles in FIFF

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by profitseer, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. here, I'll start a new thread. If you want to talk about profits of less than 2 handles in a first in first filled enviroment, you can ramble on and on here. After all, one mans scalp might be another womans position.

    If you ever made more than 2 handles on a trade you can't talk about it here. You have to go over to the Big and Beautiful thread.

    If you made more than 2 handles, but it was an accident, you still can't talk about it here, but you can allude to it with electronic nods and winks.

    Now, who wants to make the over under line on the number of posts on this thread?
  2. Here's the rules of the game

    1 trade you need 1 pt for the day (total gross profit)
    2 trades you need 1 pt for the day
    3 trades you need 4 or 5 ticks
    4 trades you need 5 ticks
    5 trades you need 5 ticks
    6 trades 6 ticks
    7 trades 7 ticks
    8 trades 7 ticks
    9 trades 7 ticks
    10 trades 2 handles

    If you haven't made 2 handles after 10 trades, then you have to start reading books and following indicators because by then you will be scheming for some way to make it all back on one trade. After all, what could be so hard about a lousy 2 handle trade?

    If you play by the rules you will turn $10,000 into something like a million dollars in 250 trading days (assuming one contract for every $5000 in equity.)
  3. Post about discrepencies in math or how much more you could make using full daytrade margin or posts by me don't count in the over under line, so if you can get decent odds, you might want to consider laying the under.
  4. Don't go away, I'll be right back, I'm over at

    ok, I'm back. I got rid of all the indicators. I don't need to sit around and wait for something to cross over.

    All I have up is candles, bands and up down volume. If you're not sure, get out as soon as volume moves against you.

    I really like this set up with just the 3 things going, because they can never be balanced. With bands, candles and volume, at any point in time, at least 2 out of the 3 have to be either bullish or bearish, and when it goes 3 out of 3 it is usually too late.

    I blew my screen up so it only has 7 candles showing. That cured me right away of my bias as to what is too high and what is too low.

    Fading isn't an art, it's a mental disorder. People who fade don't want to make money, they just want to be right.