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  1. I think it should be the other way around. :D
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  2. i just have to ask..what the HELL does knowing nicknames for Currency markets have to do with "market experience"...there are TONS of different markets ...currency is just a tiny area of them..nana could know the rest like back of hand..and know nothing bout currency...yet u come to conclusion he knows nothing..if he hada been wrong about nickname? bit close minded:0
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  3. gwac


    There is only one market nickname for gbp and cad. He never
    responded. Why did he respond to the tread, it was not
    to be helpful if was to be an azz. I wanted to know if he had
    ever worked for a bank. Anyone who has worked trading
    for a bank knows the nicknames.
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  4. gwac


    Thankyou sir, that is what i was looking for.
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  5. sprstpd


    By asking for advice on ET about this major life decision, it implies to me that you are unsure about things. I say stick to your well-paying job until you are positive that you can make it on your own.
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  6. I trade fx for an FI, I make 6 figure plus, but I am so fedup of
    the crap and daily grind. I have been doing this for 20 years. I am seriously thinking of quiting and trading my own capital.

    Does that 6 figure starts with 1 or 9?
    And after doing it for 20years, have more newbie questions?

    I am looking for some advice on how successful people
    have been and what to expect.

    It's seems from what you said you had already archived

    I have 2 years worth of expenses put away, I have
    little debt and I have about 75k as capital to trade.

    My wife is behind me....

    First You have no heart, guts to trade. Second your
    reason for reliance on your wife, because you are
    expecting $75K to evaporate in matter of time.
    Those terminologies don't make you a penny. Words
    like cable or other shits have been brought up here
    tens of times, it isn't somthing usefull, when reading
    daily fx news.

    I am really just looking for any advice or suggestion from anyone, before i make this big change.
    Stick to your job, and stop looking like a pro with newbie questions
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  7. Don't worry about me. He demands respect. Power
    demand respect only.

    Is he a power, with hidding behind a woman? No
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  8. I thought it was the Loonie.
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  9. Why don't you all just give him a break? All he did was ask anyone if they had made the transition. And right away, you - Nana - jump his case.

    Take a chill.
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  10. The guy just can't stand negative comments, he is
    a proud, arrogant who i don't see even can take
    losses occurring from trades, HE NEEDS SECURITY
    AND RESPECT, that's all he demands, pure and simple
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