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  1. this is true. its because its not only about "finding your system". its about intuition and having a certain personality trait. people with ADHD are actually good traders. that may seem counterintuitive but its very true. those with adhd cannot focus but when its something they really like,they can focus to an extreme. also,a good trader can see/spot things that most others can't. i guess its a certain part of the brain that is stronger than most others that separates them,not smarter but a certain area of strength.the reason i post this is because i am constantly seeing posts about finding a system that works best or being disciplined. from the start,i noticed all of my picks were very spot on and certain idea's played out on cue. now,my problem was discipline and i was all over the place ;up big,down big and finally taking hits that unfathomable. however,i knew i had something and it was just discipline that kept me from becoming good. discipline is extremely important but what does it really mean if you have'nt got the so called " X-factor" ? you need that certain trait and its something that cannot be taught in my opinion. sorry for the ramble. anyone care to chime in.
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    did you ever see that tv show called MAX-EX or something, Max Extreme, or something like that. It was on Comedy Central in the evenings, tho I have not seen it in a while. It was a Japanese game show of sorts, where the contestants had to run an obstacle course. The thing that made it funny, was the whole entire show was filmed, shot, and recorded in Japanese, but they had English "dub ins". Ok, you still with me? Well the best part of the show had nothing to do with the contest, it was all about the commentary from the "hosts". It was effing hillarious. They would have two teams, and the hosts would always make the names up like Porn workers .vs Letter Carriers. And in almost every episode, they had a guy named like Jerry Bobagaush or something. Effing hillarious I tell ya...

    Whats ADHD?
  3. LOL Great show and great post.
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  5. Hi Hood;

    Gotta say I DISAGREE... there is no so called "X-Factor" THAT CAN NOT BE LEARNED, associated with trading. Turtle Trading proved this point.

    That leaves 2 aspects of trading, according to your post; a system and disciplined action.

    Hang on, there is a nail on my wall that is loose. I think I'll use a claw hammer. And to make sure I leave no marks on the wall, I'll cover the nail with a small piece of cardboard. OK, all done.

    If you didn't catch it...
    (claw) Hammer = System
    How to use the hammer = Discipline

    Even with this silly example, it is easy to see why some would fail to some extent. Firstly, It was identified as a loose nail, not a lose screw. Secondly, a claw hammer, not a ball hammer or a mallet was used. And lastly, due to the environment, steps taken to reduce possible damage. This is learned behavior, not innate. Variations of the proven behavior, even if employed successfully, reduce chances for a successful outcome, either due to not knowing, or an arrogant willingness to forgo known disciplines. ADHD is not part of the equation.

  6. a lot people don't want to be full time traders.

  7. I agree with the OP on the ADHD issue. My son has it. Luckily we stopped the drugs and started treating it with diet and vitamins. He graduated valedictorian and is currently top of his class in College in Honors Physics. Once he is interested in something, he has to know every detail to the last dot.
    I thought the same thing. If one could get him with the right tutor, and he was interested , he would probably clean up at this racket.
  8. if you are only making $50,000 working full time. and have no other source of income,,,it's not that great of a job in terms of income.

  9. as a profession of self-employment, you need to make a min. of $120,000/year gross..

    a sales rep or real estate broker makes more than some traders.

  10. if you are only making $30,000/year trading than it's just a average job.

    people move on from trading and get into another satisfying career.

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