Trading for a living is the best job ever!

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  1. After trading for a living from my home for the past 4 years, I would just like to say to all people thinking of trading, the rewards are great! Aside from the money, everyday we are our own bosses, have no commute, freedom that is unmatched, and watch a market that is never the same two days in a row (so we never get bored). We are paid for what we earn, not getting the same paycheck week in and week out. If we are at the top of our game, we can make tens of thousands in a week. Millions of payroll employees will get the same paycheck at the top of THEIR game at the end of the week, as their peers whom performed only at 50%.

    Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. Just like the really great poker players who just sit and wait for the opportunity to present itself, then pounce and take full advantage.

  2. I'm not trying to offend you but in case you didn't know:
    You can get a 500MB website space for $40 setup and $9.95/month.
    A URL runs about $20 a year through many registration services with 5 email addresses.

    So for $70 up front and then $10 a month you could look far more "real" and proffessional than your freeservers website makes you appear.

    I don't own, work for or have a dealership with any server but if you would like a little more free advice on this drop me an email.
  3. Whoop-de-doo.
  4. North Shore:

    I have no idea what your angle is here...but maybe you should employ a copywriter...that pitch about "unlimited freedom, yada, yada, yada..." really comes off like a boiler room infomercial....
  5. I think North Shore makes money from the advertisers on top of his Web Page. North SHore you are the King of Pettiness.
  6. We Traders are a free and happy group!An obvious commercial isn't bad and a lot less obnoxious than some of CNBC's attempts at selling.Cramer you ain't!!
  7. What is the red, green, and white circular thing in the background? A clock?
  8. This is a job?
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