Trading for a Living GBP/USD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Gary1980, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Gary1980


    HI all, i am currently jobless and got retrench and will attempt to trade for a living using mini futures and right nw i got about 3K.

    I will update my thread everyday from Feb onwards starting daily.

    My main aim is to reach 10k then double my lot size.

    All wish me luck guys.......
  2. speres


    Good luck bro........

    A tip, try not to rely on luck.:)
  3. Gary1980


    wonder if any1 has succeeded?
  4. No mate 'no1' has succeeded, we're all eccentric millionaires and only do this for a bit of excitement because our lives/wives are so terminally boring.

    Who are you anyway, is that you TraderZones/DreamerLikeYou/Port1385/Jasonn/ForexForex etc etc etc? Nah, it's a bit lame even for them!
  5. Gary1980


    just a former retrenched trader
  6. Trader of what?
  7. Gary1980


    equity index futures averagin abt 20-35 percent a mth, but retrenched also
  8. chkn fd ul gt mre n fx
  9. Gary1980


  10. Yep
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