trading for a firm or trading independently from home - which is better?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by kingdomcome999, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. i'm an aspiring trader - who is currently a successful paper trader while i am saving to trader for real
    i'd like to get responses from people who trade equities for a firm such as assent or hold brothers -
    i'd also like to get responses from people who trade independently from home -
    what are the advantages of either way of trading?
    for a firm you start off with more capital because you are leveraged something like 30 to 1 - but most successful traders probably have accounts of $300,000 or more anyway
    do you have to pay taxes when with a firm or do they do it for you - how convenient would it be to not keep track of all your trades for tax reasons
    how is trading remotely for a firm - does it get the advantages of trading at home - with the technology of trading at a firm?
    i like to smoke and play music when trading - that is certainly an advantage at home
    you often don't get all your profits when at a firm - is it worth getting 90% of it like at many - with the advantages of being a firm trader
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    i used to eat at my desk at work. it's alright when you eat a sandwich, but when you like eating ethnic foods like me..people start to bitch.
  3. When you trade at a firm the wife won't think you are just available to run useless errands during the day as she would if you were home
  4. Depends on the firm you're at...

    Considering that you mention about being an aspiring trader...

    You can go off on your own after a few years of institutional trading.
  5. There are pro's and con's to each. I have been trading at home for awhile, and there are days when you can't beat working at home. There are days that I wish I never left an office. As for starting out trading from home... I don't recommend it. Why start out on an island by yourself, when you can learn from others in the most important part of your trading career, the beginning where most people fail. Having the guidance of a mentor and the comradery of other new traders is greatly underestimated in the Trading world.