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  1. As a lone retail trader, I usually stay in my home and trade from my workstation. I love it here, but many of my friends discuss how trading is a lonely job for retail traders.

    I know there are lots of prop firms, but are there outfits that allow retail traders with their own accounts (not through a firm) to trade on a floor with others? I may or may not be interested in joining, but it sounds like a good idea to me. There used to be many proprietary trading firms in Miami, but now many are gone since the crash.

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    Forget that. Trading floors are like museum relics. Catch them before they are all gone.
  3. Put cardboard-cutouts of people who you admire in your office to create an "atmosphere" of comaraderie. :cool:
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    If you manage to make your way onto a trading floor, be sure to put the bullseye target right on your forehead. Meat on the table.

    No reason at all to be there in terms of access to order flows.
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    make sure u wear the pin like all the other locals
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    Having spent considerable time leasing a full membership and trading as an independent local on the floor of the CBOT in the early and mid 1990's, I find the use of the word "Integrity" being used in the same sentence with "trading floor" or "Pit" to be very amusing.
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    Initially, I smiled after reading but it actually is a cool idea. If not for camaraderie, at least for inspiration and creating a nice atmosphere. I am going to put in pictures of people I admire in my home office. Some of them would be trading greats and others would be people from all walks of life that I admire generally.
  8. Liquor stores have a lot of those "things".......the World's Most Interesting Man, the Jagermeister Girls, the Svedka Robot et al.......:cool: