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  1. Dear Fellows:

    Does anyone know of some video that shows the trading floor of an exchange in action? If so, please let me know.


  2. no, but "The Birds" might be a good proxy.:D
  3. There is some decent footage of the pits in a PBS Nova Special called Trillion Dollar Bet. It is an excellent documentary about the development of the Black-Scholes (Merton) option pricing model. Some great interviews with Scholes and Merton as well as some other well renown economists and traders. It later examines the formation and blow up of LTCM. Check it out.

    Also from PBS which contains some Asian trading scenes is the Commanding Heights special dealing with globalization. That's a great documentary as well. Deals with all types of stuff from Soros currency devaluation to the LTCM blow up. Much of the special can be viewed online at Check that out too.
  4. Get Wall ST. Some of it is fabricated, but it is probably pretty accurate.
  5. Do you mean like a documentary style video? I'm not aware of any.

    The low budget film, "Rogue Trader", about Nick Leeson, has some lame pit action from SIMEX.
  6. Yes, Wall Street. A mix of the tacky with the interesting. Watch for the line by 'Gekko:' "That's the thing about WASPS. They love animals, but they hate people."

    One of my all time favorite movie lines.

    Also, Traders Press used to offer a film called "trader," about Paul Tudor Jones. Not much floor action, but my all time favorite trading film.
  7. There's a strange movie called Limit Up and has alot of made up scenes of trading in a bean pit, but it looked authentic enough.
  8. how can anyone forget the classic, "Trading Places?"
  9. Tony01


    Here's a film that was shown on PBS awhile back. I didn't get to see it because it wasn't showing in my area. I don't think you can get a video of it but here's the website about the film.

  10. that one looks like a winner.
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