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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by teamlead, May 10, 2011.

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    I have been doing a great deal of research and it seems trading firms are a dime a dozen! and everywhere you go its always the same song and dance. I think it would be beneficial if there was an open house or some type of venue where interested traders could attend without feeling like they are being coerced to join. I am not looking for training or mentor-ship, just have the ability to visit a shop and weigh the benefits. It's all about finding the right fit.
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    Have you considered not joining a Prop/JBO firm and opening your own customer account and trading for yourself? The big hurdle is capital. To trade with leverage in a customer account, you need the funds or open a portfolio margin account.

  3. Not sure where your based out of but I recommend LES Trading in NY. I trade remotely with them and they been transparent on everything and found them to have the best fee structure out there. They are a good group of traders that make you feel like your part of a team and not left lingering out there on your own.
  4. Moka


    Can a private trader join a Prop firm with his/ her own capital
    I am interested in exploring as specific Futures arbitrage
    S&P big against Small

    I guess factors for such arb is
    - Min Commissions ( lowest I have found is 0.45 per side ( CME futures) + exchange fees )
    - Very low Day margin...? or High Leverage
    - CO location,, believe it is around USD 1500 a month
    - Software , Example TT Pro Autospreader = $1500

    If anybody can help with quality info I will greatly appreciate it
  5. Teamlea: Which state? Are you looking to trade inhouse or remote?
    you have mentioned an open house so i assume you looking to trade inhouse? is this right?
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    Which state? Are you looking to trade inhouse or remote?
    you have mentioned an open house so i assume you looking to trade inhouse? is this right?

    I am in NJ, and either remote or inhouse are an option. The open house would present a way for me to gauge a firm. I would like to see their operations and determine if they are credible.

    Customer account is not an option as leverage is compromised and requires a higher opening balance.

    The most important things for me are:

    1. Reliability (customer service, technical, system)
    2. Rates
    3. Execution System
  7. If you are near the NYC area, I just got an email that Hold Brothers is having a trader open house on May 25th. As far as I know, they have been around for a while.
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    Customer accounts are an option if you can open a customer portfolio margin account. You do need more money, but haircut is 6.67 to 1, with a segregated account that is all yours with no broker dealer issues. Also, for option traders, floor execution fees are much lower or zero.
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    SO far on Simulator with TT and CQg the strategy of Arbing 1 x Big S&P 500 futures with 5 x E mini s the strategy looks profitable
    However million dollar Q is
    - Real life will it happen?
    - Legging risk

    Has anybody tried this ?