Trading firms (offices) In San Diego / oc / la California

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  1. Does anyone know of any day trading offices in southern California that are still in existence?

    Coastal still in LA?
    Oceanview capital still in San Diego?
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    oceanview capital closed down last year
  3. No offices any more in SoCal. No real need, everyone is connected via the web, every second of the day. And, we're only 4 hours away for any face to face training etc.

  4. Maverick74


    Coastal is in Irvine and T3 is in Century City.

    Let me also add M&N trading is in Newport Beach and they have a top rate operation and a kick ass office to boot.
  5. I went to the website of coastal and just saw my and nj. No irvine area?

    Didn't know of the Newport beach one....

    Could u pm me w contact #s. I'd like to go yomorrow
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    I don't have a number. The guy that runs it is Jordan Greene. Call the NY office and get his number.
  7. T3 is right in in Westwood (West LA). Right near UCLA.
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    Any experience with T3? Are they reputable?
  9. No I did not trade with them. I am going with the remote route instead.

    However, I did receive prompt email responses from them. They are also very personable. They want to talk in person, which is actually a good thing.

    I would give them a try. I might eventually head over there since I live in the area.
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