Trading Firm interview - what to wear?

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  1. I see that most trading firms don't mind if their workers show up in casual clothes.. A few days ago I had an interview with a firm that clearly stated on its website that all employees dress in their street clothes. I showed up to the interview in a full suit and tie..

    After the interview was over, another trader approached me and before he greeted, he commented something like he's almost embarrassed to speak to someone so formally dressed but he sounded like he's joking.

    Is it necessary to overdress in a full business suit to other prop trading firm interviews in the future when they clearly state in their brochure/website that their employees all wear their casual clothes? Rule of thumb says it's better to overdress but it feels a bit awkward showing up to a workplace in a suit when everyone else is in their t-shirts or even pajamas.. (it's another story if they explicitly state to wear casual clothes in the interview invitation..)
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    that's because it is a prop firm and not a real job:confused: :confused: :confused:

    good luck with your next interview
  3. when I turned up for my interview, everyone being interviewed wore a suit (no tie for me), also happened to be around lunchtime and most of us were on lunchbreaks from our other jobs...

    so yeh id say wear a suit but without a tie, even though msot people dress casual... for dress attire think 'casual friday', so its casual but its business casual, not thongs and shorts
  4. There is no reason you can't wear pressed khakis, a nice shirt, sans tie, and a nice blue blazer.

    If you are confident, you just might get hired, then again everybody is hired@ a "prop" interview that brings a deposit!
  5. haha, the world of prop trading :D
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    Wear my favorite t-shirt.

    My wife was after me to go shopping with her. Then I began wearing my favorite shirt.

    She doesn't want me to go shopping with her anymore.

    If they have a sense of humor, they will hire you for having the balls to wear it.
  7. No, they don't require a deposit.. it was a firm recommended to me by my university's career center..

    I'll reveal the name once the interview process is over (accept/reject decision final)

  8. oops!

    seems like a complete mismatch between candidate and firm, seems you sealed your fate, not knowing, in advance, seems you telegraphed all that those renegades left behind,

    which firm was it?, for example, was it in midtown, downtown or in a transition area?
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