Trading Filter --Question??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gimp570, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. gimp570


    I have used filters in the past...

    I am wondering can i filter out average daily volume?

    I only want to see stocks with an average daily volume from 2 million---5 million .

    .regardless of there volume that day

    So if i am looking at a New Daily high scanner

    I only want to see the New Daily high of stocks with a ADV from 2--5 million shares

    would trade-ideas work for me. i checked out there site and i did not see this as a option

    Thank your for any help

  2. gimp570


    trade-ideas might have this feature but the lady i talked to on the phone did not make it clear

    if they had it or not....for sure
  3. this simple task can even be done by yahoo's
    free stock scanner

    if you dont want today's volume just dont make a definition
    for it

    the avg volume is calculated as a 30-day average i believe