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Discussion in 'Trading' started by 7rader, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. 7rader


    for those that day trade, what kind of commission charges are you looking at per trade?

    i am charged 9.99 per trade.

    basically every round trip plus ecn fee im paying around $27!!!

    its killing me, what are you guys charged?
  2. rickf


    What are you daytrading, for starters? Sounds like stocks.

    So if you're moving large share blocks of stock you should look at per-share pricing from firms specializing in daytrading. Doing it through E-Trade or Schwab likely won't give you the execution speed or pricing you need to succeed and as you said, the commish will kill you.

    If you're moving futures, look at dedicated futures brokers -- you should get $3 or less round-trip per contract.
  3. Stosh


    Wellstrade gives you 100 free trades per year.....but you have to be a Wells Fargo customer with combined accounts of all kinds totalling $25K including loans.
  4. 7rader


    im trading stocks...

    usually 1000 lots, but regarless with my direct access broker whether it be 100 or 1000 its still 9.99.

    after i make 150+ trades it turns to 6.99 per trade

    im with tradefreedom
  5. rickf


    I trade futures mostly (via a futures broker) but recently moved my stock trading/options account to ThinkorSwim from a full-service firm to begin building my long-term retirement portfolio.

    FWIW saying, when I swing-trade stocks at ToS I am happy to use their .015/share pricing ($5 minimum) -- $5 is more than enough to move a few hundred shares of something such as a short-term ETF hedge or to pay per trade to scale into a long-term position over time.

    Beats the $15 I was paying elsewhere online (and FAR better than the huge fees at a full-service firm) and is more condusive to my style of averaging in for long-term positions in this kind of turbulent market.
  6. 7rader


    im not swing trading, strictly daytrades