Trading featured in the movie paranormal activity!

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    cant believe no one mentioned that at about 11 minutes in, the guy in the movie has a dual screen setup and he says hes working and you can clearly see trading charts a level 2, and what appears to be a tradestation style DOM.
    13 min she says hes a day trader.
  2. Yes, it's definitely TradeStation in the movie. You can clearly see the Matrix, the RadarScreen and the market depth window on his monitors. The director is actually a daytrader, so it's partly truthful.
  3. that movie sucks a big wang like so many contempory

    i don't even need to see it to know this
  4. LOL this is hilarious. You surely have some sort of sixth sense to be able to know the movie sucks without seeing it. Especially given the great reviews its been getting.
  5. that's why i know it's for shit

    i don't follow the crowd or sheeple, i fade the chart. i buy when they are selling, sell when they buy

    and i never lose

    that's called style, pizzaz, flash :D
  6. Why is this so exciting to you? :)

    Also featured in Runaway Jury
  7. Also featured prominently in The Taking of Pelham 123