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  1. Has anyone attended the trading expo yet? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I was there yesterday and today.
    Saw Linda Raschke speak.She is a very experienced trader,and has a lot of great info.She stresses each person has to have their own style.
    Spoke with some people where I have accounts and it was fun to see the face behind the phone.
    You can tell the profits for the brokers are not there like in the past,Cybertrader reception no food ,Real Tick no tee shirts ect. ect.

  3. I also spoke to someone who went to the Tony Oz seminar and he told me it was essentially all swing trade techniques so it should be interesting on Tuesday when he goes live whether the trades he make will be all swing trade positions rather than daytrades which I believe most people are anticipating.
  4. I attended the Tony Oz seminar, which was well worth the wait to get in. He spoke a lot about his "scans" which are in the Real-tick system, which explain exactly how he trades and what setups he looks for for trade entry and exit. As an added bonus, all attendees received a copy of his book, "How to take money from wall street".
    Saw Robert Deel's talk. He is a great and interesting presenter, but only about 1/2 of the info was useful.
    Also, if you have any interest in options, see Larry McMillan, which I thought was excellent.
    As for the booths, it was fairly crowded at many booths, at least while I was there, so can't really comment on the value.

    Good luck.
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    Don't get me wrong....The show is well organized, there was a fairly wide array of vendors and the show is worth attending. If you're searching for a new trading methodology, new ideas or a broker, it's well worth the trip.

    However, last year when I was a brand new trader and learning the art of getting my butt handed to me on a platter, I went all three days and attended many seminars. It was very enlightening. There were also many more vendors last year and as a newbie that provided a great opportunity to hear alot of new ideas and concepts.

    Now that I have some experience and realize that most of the advisory services are selling snake oil, that only left the brokerage services and I'm happy with IB.

    The part of the show that I enjoyed best was, I hooked up with qwiktrade, had dinner and a great discussion! I also saw Larry McMillan speak and that was quite good. I spoke with Price Headley( about his service, interesting, but not for me. Another interesting person was a trading coach Adrienne Toghraie( , she focuses on the psychological aspects of trading.

    I also stopped at the Worldco booth, just to chat. I was speaking with someone about their company and another Worlco guy starts screaming in my ear "If you don't come with us you're a f**king loser"! etc. Sheesh...cya

    So, overall, I liked ithe expo but I don't feel the need to go back. Whereas a new trader could find a great deal of information and chase down some leads for learning. I WILL go again next year.

    Just my 2 pennies

  6. I am a relatively new trader and I found the expo very enlightening. This was my first chance to interact with other traders, other that reading the message boards.

    I attended Tony Oz's seminar. He gets my Best of Show award. The thing that I liked the most about him is that he seems to be just a "regular guy". He didn't hold anything back. He explained his strategy and style with examples from real trades that he recently made. To me this was invaluable because it was the first time that I have seen exactly how another (successful) trader does it. Of course, he also stressed discipline and money management among other things. I received a free copy of his book. I intend to go again tomorrow and watch him trade live.

    I watched Robert Deel's seminar. Although he was a very entertaining speaker with some simple concepts that were strongly presented , he did not provide any really useful information. I got the impression that he wants you to pay real cash and attend his school. I did however get the impression that this guy does know what he is doing. I might consider his school.

    I watched a seminar given by Afshin Taghechian of Traders International. He demonstrated his system for trading the S&P futures. He used two indicators in RealTick (which he would not reveal exactly what they were). When the signals indicate a move, he places a 2 point stop and a 2 point exit and lets it ride. Many other observers, including myself, were very skeptical. This guy wants $4000 for a one day seminar. I would like to find out more about his strategy. Please comment if you know what he is doing.

    I watched David Nassar present his 5 step methodology. He used an example of a trade that he made last week. His seminar was more informative than Robert Deel's, though David was also strongly promoting his Marketwise Trading School. It seems like they do a good job of teaching fundamentals and his methodology. I would consider attending his school. I welcome any comments both negative and positive that might sway my decision.

    I watched Level5Trading present their trading room. They seem like sincere people. I'm skeptical of their service. I'm sure someone must have posted on ET already about them. They do offer a free one week trial, two weeks if you mention that you saw them at the show.

    I found a small booth on the 5th floor. The trading tutor. This man, Larry Pesavento is very interesting. He teaches "Pattern Recognition" methodology along with discipline and risk management. He charges a one time fee and will continue to give as much tutoring as necessary. One of his students told me that he donates all of his tutoring fees to charity. This student told me that he doesn't use any other indicators besides the "pattern recognition". I want to affirm this again tomorrow. Has anyone ever heard of Larry Pesavento?

    Also, I spoke with some other traders the gave their input. Overall, I obtained a wealth of information.

  7. bullfighter----Were Tony Oz trades mostly entered as swing trades?
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    I went Sunday, Monday, and will attend Tuesday also, to see Tony Oz trade live - it should be interesting (I hope).

    I heard David Nassar speak today (Sunday) he is very dynamic, and seems to know what he's talking about, but as with most, if not all, of these advisory services or trading schools, the best advertisement is from past students that can give it to you straight. So far, I don't know of anyone who has attended the marketwise program, but the terranova 125% discount can make it worth considering.

    Anyone using the Oz scanner - any luck with it?

    Mike G
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    Pesavanto has been around for quite awhile. If I remember right he is heavy into fib.
  10. Shorteee,

    Tony Oz says that 80% of his trades come from his "scanner" setups. The scanners are an addon to RealTick and cost $20.00 per month. Some of the scans are called SkyScraper, BottomFisher, PowerTrader and NewKids. There are other too.

    The way I understood it was that the Scans give a list of stocks that match. Then he examines the stock in RealTick and decides to pass or play. (Risk/reward has to be at least 3:1) The scans look for patterns that span several days. The actual play can last one day or several days, until he gets stopped out or until he reaches the reward. I'll know more after tommorow. I also have to read the book. I'll get back to you if you like.

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