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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by smarks, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. smarks



    i am new in short term investing (eod, daytrading). i have quite some experience in stock trading, but more long term.

    now i am looking for experienced folks to chat with to exchange some experience. my goal is to trade stock/indices-options.

    i am having quesions around the setup (especially software on top of IB TWS), data sources & costs, etc. mainly basic stuff...

    would appreciate if some folks contact me via PM or email (, would like to chat (MSN IM - same email/or phone) with you to get a better insight.

    Please contact me!

  2. smarks


    btw - i am from the portland area, also open to join any meetingsl, trader exchanges, etc - just let me know!

  3. send me a pm, got aim , icq?
  4. Kane12


    Hi Markus,

    Like you, I'm also new at day trading (forex). It’s so hard if you are eyes are blindfolded and you just guessing which of the trade or fill you’re going to put in. :confused:

    Also, I'm not always in front of my computer so I try this one, a set and forget system. They are signal provider (

    Just take a look and try. There’s nothing wrong anyway.

    Kinda cool:p