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    Alot of traders get backpain from sitting at the computer all day. Anyone who spends more than 4 hours per day at the computer is sure to get some backpain sometime in his life. So this article specifically tells us to exercise religiously. I have heard this other times as I am sure many of you have whenever you go to the doctor.

    So to exercise religiously...I guess that means that evangelicals have to exercise everyday, Devout catholics have to exercise every sunday and the rest of the average Christians only have to exercise on Easter & Christmas. Atheists get the best deal though. They NEVER have to exercise.

    Hmmm...maybe thats whats so attractive about atheism. :D
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    I think atheists don't have to practice either. Lucky bastards. :D
  3. No. Atheists are always exercising judgment. And, evidently, you don't find such effort worthwhile. :p
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  5. No, thats not true. I exercise judgment "religiously" :p
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    Good retort. Nicely done.
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    wow, their judgement is so great too.. philosophers are realizing that they have never discovered how a person can be happy!! Brilliant work guys and gals... and all the conjecture about beginnings with the trappings of science, they get fooled by that garbage and even refuse to become unfooled! Hee hee... Atheists, fun to watch right up until they trample and destroy you...
  8. Better watch yourself, boyo. We've got our eye on you.
  9. If you are implying that you can't be happy without a god then that should tell you something about your life.
  10. Cute answer. However, religion, by definition, requires the suspension of judgment, reason and critical thinking in favor of faith. If you were to employ judgment in matters of religion, then you would presume to know your god's will. And wouldn't that be akin to blasphemy? Lemmings follow. By all appearances, they do not think or exercise judgment. Nice try, though. :p
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