Trading Evening/Overnight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tyler19, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. tyler19


    What are some good instruments to trade in the evening/overnight besides forex that require little capital? Anything similar to the EMini's that trade during those times?
    I hear all the bad horror stories about forex so i'm trying to stay clear of it.
  2. Not so sure if eminis are best to trade - they can be awfully quiet, and I heard less than pleasant things about overnight trading of Dow contract.

    Assuming you are American, perhaps you want to try and trade futures on foreign stock market indexes to get price movement??? Like Hang Seng, Japan, FTSE, etc.???
  3. tyler19


    do they have minis that are comparable to the Eminis in the US?
  4. Try trading currency fx on the CME. Stick with EC, the euro. I moves well from 3AM ET through about 11AM ET. None of the bs associated with forex. Also you could learn the HSI and the Dax.