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    I wonder if there is anyone out there that know if it is feasible to trade eurex products from brazil, by that I mean is the internet suppliers fast/reliable enough from Brazil. Also interested to hear any other inputs from trading from Brazil/south america in general.

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    I have traded CME and CBOT products from Rio, and the connectivity is fine.

    There are a few other threads on here, if you search,about others that have traded from Brasil.
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    I have searched the other threads regarding trading from Brazil, but I have a few additional questions. When you trade from Brazil what available speeds of the internet were available? Are there apartments alreday setup with good speed broadband or did you have to sign up a contract yourself? Would appreciate any other comments of your experience from trading from Brazil, the cons and the pros and any thoughts in general.

    Very much appreciate you taking time to answer these questions.

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    make sure you speak portugese.

    very few people speak english in brazil - and those that do will have better jobs than working in consumer help.
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    last november i brought my laptop down to Rio to attempt to trade eurex. i used the hi speed broadband connection in my hotel to remotely access my box here in chicago (so it should have reduced the amount of packets needed to relay back and forth). anyways, the result was a failure for me as a scalper. i just didnt have any confidence in the market i was seeing being the real market because of the lag.
    that being said i still have not given up, next winter im going to rent an office and get a T1 to chicago. i've heard that that can make it bearable for a scalper and certainly fine for someone who position trades it or mostly works orders.
  6. I tried last fall, and it was not feasible. However, I was not in a major city (Jericoacoara). Speed wasn't the issue so much as a complete crash of the net altogether, or electricity probs.

    Brazil has a long way to go for infrastructure once out of a big city. Thailand is light years ahead, even in outta the way places.

  7. Waahh, I always thought brazil should have better internet being closer to America. What's fastest DSL speed you get in Brazil and cost/month?

    For scalping, I think data feed provider causes more lag than what you internet speed is ....

    Lets say:
    -First person is using CQG with 4 mbps DSL
    -Second person is using Esignal with 10 mbps DSL

    My understanding is that first person should see Breakouts happening faster than second person
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    brazil is quite good from a time zone perspective - in the middle of usa & europe
  9. I never even knew DSL would go that fast. You are talking cable speeds. Every time I've tried DSL, it was a fraction of my cable, which is 4m. I would say the net I used in Brazil was more like 400k. Kept crashing too.

    I'm not a scalper though, so that speed was only a hassle when going from page to page. I make maybe a half dozen trades per day, and hold em for about a half hour or so, on average. The speed worked for such an application. It was sketchy as hell when the net connection would crash altogether though.
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    As far as speed, you won't be severely behind as long as you have something running around 1mb which is what I have (dsl) and trust me I know it~s enough because I scalp and depent on ultra fast fills. Also your ping time is extremely important and has to be below 200ms average else not even a T1 can save you.

    I live in a rural town with no back up option so I am constantly experiencing lagging, signal degradation and the worse of all crashing. Not even praying for Frei Santo Antonio de Galvão everyday helps.

    I have been inquiring about places where I could rent a desk but so far only a swift office is available in São Paulo. If you come to a big city like Rio or São Paulo you will have a wide range of options with reliable and fast setups.

    I love trading from Brazil...paid in USD, good living, day starts at 10:30, lower taxes.
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