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  1. Actually, it's "Trading EUR/USD in 'seasonal trends' - specifically."

    Some say the highs/lows of EUR/USD are really just "seasonal trends" that are predictable, can be exploited and traded, hence...

    Sept thru Dec 30th 2004 when E/U climbed from the 1.2100s to 1.3665 was simply a "seasonal trend" and that, my my, here we are coming up to Sept again (how time flys)... we should all just sit back, put in our (90% of our account) LONG trade and take another look at it Jan. 2006 - when, we'll put forth the effort to reach forward and click CLOSE TRADE, effectively tripling our account balances.

    *yawn* ... child's play.

    Only one problem with that scenario... from the charts I've seen, going back 20 years - I don't think "seasonal trends" exist.

  2. btw, what my chart does show is that we were right here... 10 years ago in 1995.

    Only... instead of climbing to 1.3665, the rate FELL to 0.8200.

    with absolutely NO consistent pattern shown prior to that time, back to pre-1990.


    source NetDania via FXCM
  3. Difficult to say for Euro - lack of data.

    'Seasonal' probably a bit strong. There is little doubt that the return of traders from vacation and the end of the fiscal year prompt trends.....

    Judge, may I dutifully submit exhibit A for the jury's perusal and delectation

    Best regards
  4. *busts up laughing* very good, Morty, tho I have to say...

    "traders returning from vacation??"

    um... exactly when, Morty? When the 'trend' started in Sept 2004 to 1.3665 or in Jan 2005 to 1.1800s?

    Or we including traders who just take long coffee breaks, or are just burn-outs?

    (btw, we were even a cent lower beginning the summer 2004).

    so, I mean, if this is turning into "traders returning from vacation" trends, then so be it - here! here! aye! let's hear from the court! :D


    Saham <-- cool sounding name, isn't it? :cool:
  5. Day after day of thin volumes on the future exchanges in August. Probably the same in Spot (but you can't measure it). If they ain't on vacation, what are they doing?

    Now c'mon big boys let's get down to sizeable trades intraday! We don't want another 84 pip range, midnight-to-midnight on NFP day.

    "Judge, could I approach the bench?"

  6. *sKaLpZ puts his dun... I mean judge cap on*

    Yes, Morty, you could approach the bench... only if you are escorted by a beautiful sexy blonde with BIG breasts in a mini skirt... make that in a g-string.

    "Sizable trades??" Don't look at me! The size of my trades... guys could sprinkle the number of units I trade on their cereal bowl in the morning, chomp 'em down without even bothering to open their groggy eyes.

    (btw, has anyone seen my mousepad?? I lost it again.)
  7. OK that's enough...

    I'm going to play online poker.

    Catch you later