Trading EUR/JPY in US $

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sync, Jun 17, 2009.

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    If I am trading a pair that does not contain $US such as EUR/JPY and my account is in US $, is my trade subject to US $ fluctuations during the time I am in the EUR/JPY trade? I don't understand what actually takes place if I put on a EUR/JPY trade.
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    I had a look through that and couldn't find the answer.

    The quote currency of EURJPY is JPY so the P/L from any trade will be denominated in JPY. That must be converted to USD in your case. The exact rate you get when your P/L is converted in to USD depends on your broker and when they do that conversion.

    Here's an example:
    USDJPY=100, EURUSD=1.5, EURJPY=150

    You go Long 1 lot EURJPY
    100,000EUR = 15,000,000JPY

    say JPY falls 1% against EUR and USD
    USDJPY=101, EURUSD=1.5, EURJPY=151.5

    You close your position
    100,000EUR = 15,150,000JPY
    profit = 150,000JPY converts to about 1,485USD

    So on that 1% move you only got 0.99%.
    Conclusion: It's not worth worrying about!
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    Thank you euclid. That is very helpful.