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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Alvin, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Alvin


    Anyone make any money off the e-mini's TODAY so far?

    I'd like to know how you did it.

    Had ONE good trade this A.M., gave some of that back since then.

    Is this chop giving anyone else trouble or am I the only one

  2. Chop is to be expected after a trend day like yesterday.

    I mostly shoot for singles. Hope this is helpful to you.
  3. Alvin


    By "singles" do you mean handles or single ticks?

    More helpful if you'd include a time stamp on those trades
  4. "Singles" in a generic sense. Maybe 2 handles ES, 10-20 YM ... on a day like today. My trading is far from perfect or precise, obviously.

    Sorry about omitting the time stamps. First trade was off the 8:30 retail sales release. 2nd entry was a minute after the open. They're all chronological.
  5. Visit the ES journal and see how they do. Most take short positions the market moves against them, and they link off for two weeks. Then show back up as if nothing happened. Your better off finding stock within the index that have not gotton to far ahead of there 200 day moving average. Buy them and hold them till after the 2010 election, AA,DD,are some good names. There are plenty of good stock picks out there.
  6. I've only made one trade today in the ES myself, very slow for my approach thus far.

  7. Alvin


    I hear you I'm not getting any setups today (save for that one) :mad:
  8. Alvin


    this is just one of those days that you learn thru experience not to trade. these days happen. just let it go. obvious no big players out there. they still on their yachts??
  9. Picked up one more trade (2 total) for the day. Only 3 ticks though on the last one.

    It's like pulling teeth today
  10. Alvin


    Nailed it last 1/2 hour.. made my whole day. whew
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