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    John Carter says trading YM is much better than ES mini as ES has more choppy/volatile vs YM and bigger chance to be stopped out for the same level of risk taking .. Therefore he says , it is better to trade YM not ES mini..

    Any thoughts of those who traded in both markets ?


  2. Why don't you paper trade them both and decide for yourself!

    There is money to be made in both, it all depends on your trading style and perceptions of the market.

    YM is probably a better scalper for no nothing newbies!
    Commissions will eat you alive if you are scalping for a few handles.
  3. Most all market movement is based off of ES.
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    well.. John trades in YM and ES in parallel and it results to be he stops out in ES much more frequent than in YM due to ES price volatility ..
    His strategy is beased on pivot setups and uses 20 point stop loss on YM and 2 ES point.. (almost equiv. risk ), while he gets stopped out in ES , he does not in YM due to less price volatility ..
  5. You seem to be a shill for John Carter, does he pay you well?
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    come on man , I am trying to learn something from experienced people to validate Johns opinion.. I have not commented just asked a question.. if you can not help , dont bother to repply..
  7. I trade both ES and YM. As far as their comparative volatility, I see little difference between the two. Just compare the 15min charts of ES and YM for any given day, and you'll see they're almost identical. The smaller tick size of YM can facilitate more precise entries and exits, which is good if you're a scalper. But lower liquidity in the YM can hurt you on fills. I recently had a trade stop out with 19 ticks slippage on a news breakout (poor planning on my part).

    Overall I like the idea of being somewhat well-versed in both markets. You can usually find a decent trade in one market or the other, if not both.
  8. For my style of trading ES is more profitable and therefore better for me, but not necessarliy for you. It depends on your trading style. YM might be easier for a beginnner because there's not as much backfilling.

    I've also been trading CL (Crude Oil) the last year or so because there's less backfilling and more follow-through. How long that will last is anybody's guess.

    Only you can decide what's right for you. That comes with experience.
  9. Pick one and stick with it
  10. Sage advice from GOP trader. It may take you ten years to "get" all the ways in which the one you pick is idiosyncratically different from the others. Therein lyeth profitable trades.
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