Trading ES Mini S&Ps For a Living

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  1. Wanted Some advice if anyone knows of anyone that trades the Mini S&Ps Solely without hedging against any other financial product for safety? Is it possible to make a consistent living sticking Solely to ES trading and being consistent for the long run? Also What is the best Streaming Chart that is consistent for scalping ES? Was thinking of using IB as a broker with Quotetracker as a 3rd party to place trades while looking at optionsXpress streaming Flexcharts as a streaming graph. What do most professional ES scalping day traders use as a reliable streaming Graph? Would anyone recommend IB Ineractive Brokers as a wise choice for their $4.40/roundturn in commissions?
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    IB is good. No doubt. Their DOM is OK and gets the job done. Their quotes never lag. As for charting, check out NinjaTrader. It's charting ability is free.

    And yes you can make a living trading ES. But it might take you a while. You're going to need screen time and learn how it moves.
  3. Wanted some advice on GlobalFutures as a broker which they offer like 8 different trading platforms....Guy I spoke to recommended GS Trader. Wanted some advice on Global Futures and GS TRader.
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    Global is OK.

    Look around though.

    Mirus futures
    Amp futures
    Velocity futures
    Cannon futures.
    Open e cry

    I guess you're passing on IB considering their Margins and Account opening minimums.

    Anyway, take a look at Ninja (platform)/Zenfire (feed & order server) combo.
  5. IB has two ways to trade as many brokers do.....Software download to pc vs. Web platform....Wanted to know your opinion on downloaded software vs. web based trading platform....I know IB has both options to trade...Which is generally more reliable and a best fit
  6. You'll probably want an account directly with an FCM. MF Global is a good one.

    For front end you may want J-Trader or Trading Tech's X-Trader. I prefer J-Trader.

    For charting I use DTN Prophet X. It's pricey but great.

    I'm a directional ES trader, though. I hope this helps!


    They bought XPressTrade (good company) & now it SUCKS for futures. For the "weekend warrior," maybe.

    Best wishes!
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    Software download.
  8. When scalping s&p minis what makes 1 companies streaming chart better than another?. For instance why would one want to pay an expensive fee for charts like DTN Prophet X. which is a professiional very expensive charting software when you could download a 3rd partys brokerage software like Quote Tracker and input your brokers info and use quote trackers streaming charts for "free" ...Im just confused on streaming charting software and which is the best to use... Free vs. paid charting software...To scalp or get general market direction when trading the mini sps....
  9. DTN Prophet X isn't expensive and it isn't a 'professional software'.

  10. You use J-trader with MF Global ?
    How good is the reliability compared to X-trader ?
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