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  1. Hi

    I am looking to setup a 8/10 screen trading station.

    I have been looking at their falcon systems seem superb. Does anyone have any experience with these guys?

    Secondly once i buy 2 desktops/towers, i will use 22"/24" DELL monitors, would it be ok to attach these to falcon systems.

    Also i will need someone to do all this for me, a whole setup, cabling etc.

    Can someone recommend any firms/people who setup trading floors/trading equipment and supply DELL 24" monitors and stands etc. (i.e. everything)

    I am in London, so Uk firms.

  2. &/or what about the HP blade computers, they seem to be built for hedge funds/traders
  3. Hardly. Blades are neither build to be used in an office, nor are they build to support graphics cards.

    They are servers to put into clusters for data processing (automated trading systems), where they can be loud and no one cares as they are in a server room anyway.
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    These guys sent some complete systems to our office in the UK - They told us to get the monitors in the UK becasue of the shipping cost, they were right. I was a bit suprised they told me that instead of trying to sell me more stuff.

    Their systems are awsome, easy to setup - we like the Samsung 23" monitors becasue of the high resolution. The stands go together easily and they make the system setup a no brainer (which is what I needed).

    Their 8/10/12 monitor systems come with that new fast intel processor, which does make a big difference. AND they are not a expensive as the other computer guys

    Good luck
  5. SageC