Trading Equipment for sale,Chicago location.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nastyer2, May 4, 2006.

  1. nastyer2


    Any traders out there looking to get some computer equipment at a great deal?

    I am selling my trading station:

    1 extremely high powered trading CPU.
    1 high powered charting CPU.
    4 Dell 1905 inch monitors.
    1 2405 inch monitor.

    Ergoton stands
    Antrho fit bench.

    Ideal setup for a high volume trader. PM or email me for price and pictures.
  2. Why are you selling your trading station? Did you lose and you are quitting trading? :(
  3. Take a picture with your digital camera and post it here so we can see what we are buying.
  4. Are you still wanting the same price on the monitors or has it changed?
  5. What is a high powered CPU? I mean....I know what high powered CPU means, but why use a high powered one when a regular one will do the same thing? I have a regular 1.4Ghz CPU that I trade with. It works good with me.