trading eminis preopening

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  1. I've seen complaint on ET that Interactive Brokers don't allow preopen trading on eminis . What is your experience with this ? Does your broker restricts emini trading into regular trading hours ?
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    Dunno why, that makes absolutely no sense from a brokerage perspective.

    If that's IB's policy, I'd trade elsewhere!
  3. Try Velocity Futures.

    Intraday margins apply from 3:30pm to 3:15pm next day. Over night margins apply for positions that are not closed out in the previous session by 3:15pm. Margins apply to net contracts...

    If you trade out of sub accounts and at 3:15pm you are

    Acct 1: Long 12
    Acct 2: Short 7

    You are responsible for overnight margins for the net difference of 5 contracts.

    You can place a short order for 5 contracts in acct 2 just before closeso you are net zero to eliminate overnight margins. Need cash in your account to cover the spread. At 3:30 you can close out the short 5 order and resume your previous position.

    Costs you $25 in trading costs versus $25,000 of margin.

    Pre- RTH has up and down limits set by CME... ie.5% or 60 points for ES.
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    WTF are you talking about?

    The only restriction that ANY broker imposes on trading outside of RTH, is higher overnight performance bond requirements.

    What do trolls eat?
  5. I think the issue had to do with a problem placing orders during the brief Globex daily blackout periods. I don't know anything about that.

    Of course you absolutely CAN trade e-mini's in A.H. with IB ... I do it all the time.
  6. Thanks guys for your responses. I was talking about post in Retail firms forum by Erlewine " Problem with IB "

    It didn't make sense to me so I thought , I'll just ask.
  7. Yep, IB works great early morning. That's mostly what I trade... early morning 6E when Europe is up and going.. Some of the best consistent moves are 3:30-7am PST.
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    Whoever said that is incorrect, i have traded IB futures before and after the bell with no problems